The Triple Peel Project

3 x 30 min Peels

1 week apart

$90 each

Peeling should always be done for a purpose, not just because you know someone who has had a peel. Peeling reveals new skin but there is no reason this new skin should be any better than the skin we can already see unless you have prepared and ‘fed’ the deeper layers. Removing surface skin speeds up a ‘skin replacement’ process called proliferation. However, Your skin is already destined to proliferate (divide) ‘so-many-times’ until it doesn’t ANYMORE… the end.

So we don’t like to rush this process unnecessarily.

Peeling is great for improving dehydration, sun damage, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, acne, blemishes and scarring.

I use Lactic acid in a cool cream base, which is slow acting, with no down time, no irritation or stinging and no visible skin shedding. Slow and steady wins the race here!

Peeling reveals newer, healthier cells. Lactic acid plumps the cells giving a hydrated LUMINOUS appearance. It also causes a ‘micro-injury’, which stimulates collagen, and elastin- I love the tightening effect and often get asked if I’ve had Botox after peeling. Lactic acid is a natural brightener and a non- invasive way of treating pigmentation.

For beginners and New-comers to my clinic I always combine Peeling WITH a repair, rebuild and nourish program. But for regulars whose skin I know and who have a complete skin care range of ‘repair, rebuild and nourish’ at home the Triple Peel Project is an exciting way for you to get oomph out of your skin this time of year when Your skin should be Your Best Accessory.

Triple Peel Project intake for Spring Reveal

Oct    5th 6th 7th (then every week for 3 weeks)

Oct    26th 27th 28th (then every week for 3 weeks)

The reason for the intake times is that SUMMER is NOT the time to challenge the skin. Summer is the time to Protect and prevent …and shine!

I am happy to discuss your individual conditions and as to whether this is for you …yet!

I am ONLY available Wdenesdays Thursdays Fridays 9:30-3:30